Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Non Profit Organizations with OnTAP

The success of nonprofit organization depends upon ground level activities which needs to be implemented relentlessly.
The intentions are driven for a social cause nonetheless this involves significant efforts, time and needs heavy interactions and coordination.

The success of the project / activity is highly dependent upon the social awareness created, number of volunteers, internal communication and the funds raised. 

Information propagation includes, details about various ongoing / upcoming projects, events, various camps / social drives and other news about the organization.With the current infrastructure it is impossible to understand the effectiveness and thus the actual reach of the information that is being propagated.This largely affects attracting volunteers and the donors.

Volunteer registration is another process where heavy interaction is desired.It starts right from the inquiry and goes up till assigning tasks. Even after the tasks are assigned, it is still needed to be connected at all times.

Internal communication is desired within different departments in the organization. Communicating becomes difficult when most of the employees are working on the field.

To keep the good work going a non profit organization thrives on fund raising. Donation amount and the number of donors largely depends upon the quality of work demonstrated. Thus maintaining transparency for any project undertaken plays a vital role, which again boils down to effective information propagation.

With OnTAP, you can automate the entire interaction process mitigating the above challenges thus making the interactions more effective.
Ready to enhance your interaction process?

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