Friday, 14 March 2014

Can OnTAP overcome your business challenges?

Service industry thrives upon information propagation (advertisements), effective customer interactions, efficient inquiry management and prompt service delivery. 
Customer retention or new prospect conversion involves significant efforts, cost and it needs heavy interactions, follow-ups and coordination.
With increase in operational cost and cut throat competition, cutting down the service cost may not be a viable option to win a customer.

Information propagation includes advertisements, conducting event and sessions.
Advertisements need to be published repeatedly to ensure assured viewership. This however does not provide any insight into the effectiveness and the reach. Events are organized to spread the awareness; however spreading the news about the events is equally challenging.

Customer interaction is the core essential of running the business, as it happens at all stages of availing the services.This includes queries, complaints, placing the order,run time alterations, fulfillment of the order, post fulfillment feedback and suggestions. The interaction invariably needs to be initiated by the customer at all times. Delay in responses not only adds to the irritation but can also delay the order placement process.This can be sometimes frustrating.

With OnTAP, you can automate the entire interaction process mitigating the above challenges thus making the customer engagement more effective.
Ready to enhance your customer engagement process?

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