Monday, 10 March 2014

OnTAP - Improve business efficiency

OnTAP enables you to take your business on mobile,thus maximize your reach in an effortless manner.It helps reduce paperwork and thus helps save environment.
It automates various interaction/business processes, reducing the manual efforts, increasing effectiveness and saving time. Above all it enhances the customer experience and engagement process. 
Discover how OnTAP can enhance the overall efficiency with the various intuitive features

Interaction Management
Manage and track various types of interactions with the published applications. The built-in workflow management can help automate responses where desired including inquires, specialized apps. 
Appointment request can be customized to gather relevant information thus helping you to save overall interaction time.
View intelligent statistics including event attendee projections, assured viewership, poll statistics and more thus helping to plan activities in an efficient manner. 
We will soon provide more insight on specialized apps and how it makes OnTAP different.

Publication Management
Based on the context of the business requirement you can choose the type of application from the various available templates. Schedule applications to help reach to your audience at appropriate time.This enables you to plan business activities effectively. You can choose to publish applications to all or a selective group of audience.

Subscription Management
Administrators can manage the users of the account. These can be internal users or the subscribers. The internal users would manage the publications and can also control the access of the subscribers.
Subscribers can avail the services provided by you on their smart devices.
According to Nielsen, 84% of the people trust recommendations of friends. OnTAP facilitates subscribers to recommend your services to their contacts, thus helping your business reach to a wider audience. 

Keen to increase your business efficiency?


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