Saturday, 12 April 2014

Housing society with OnTAP

Society is one of the most happening places and there are various activities that take place on a regular basis.Due to busy schedule, most of the members go unaware of these activities and events.

Committee members take the onus of managing funds, infrastructure and amenities.They also make the key decisions on behalf of all the members.Yet smooth functioning of a housing society needs participation of the members. 

Similarly, residents may have issues / complaints, inquiries related to amenity availability and associated booking. They expect the same should get attended in a prompt manner.

Most of the information sharing happens over phone calls or are posted on the notice board.These interactions consumes significant time and  may lead to  frustration or irritation. 

Some of the key aspects and irritants are discussed below. 

Complaint management 
Residents may have complaints about water, electricity, amenity, maintenance and many more. Lodging a complaint with the right person and associated followups to resolve the complaint becomes a challenge.This many a times results in irritation for both, the residents and the operational team.

Amenity booking 
Society provides various amenities including community hall, sports, fitness and recreational facilities. To avail the facilities members need to inquire regarding the availability and subsequently has to book the same. Such booking needs to be done during office hours, and might desire multiple calls or interactions. 

Society updates / announcement 
All important updates are currently made on the notice boards or are personally circulated. Notice board mostly gets ignored by the residents and thus they are likely to miss various key updates. However members expect to be updated about water shortage, maintenance activity which can impact their daily schedule.

Payment collection and associated followups related to maintenance, events and additional services is a big unavoidable activity.

PLUS there needs to be significant coordination and interaction for different in-society events.

With OnTAP, you can automate the entire interaction process mitigating the above challenges providing relief to the society members .
Ready to enhance your society experience?

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