Saturday, 12 April 2014

Educational institutes with OnTAP

Educational institutes play a vital role in the upbringing of children, thus shaping the future.Parents also play a key role in providing the necessary guidance, infrastructure and supporting the aspirations of their kids.
To enable good upbringing of kids, continuous and transparent information sharing is desired between the educational institute and the parents. 

In current scenario,  education institute uses printed copies of circulations, announcements, invitations etc. Alternatively calendar book is used to share time tables, homework, notices, exam schedules and student progress.
Likewise, parents respond to various notices, request leave or post a suggestion or sometimes complaints using the calendar book or paper slips.Regular monthly or bi monthly meetings are also conducted to have personal interaction between the educational institute and the parents.

All these activities though very important are extremely time consuming, tedious  and need to be done during institute's working hours only. Hence many times it might not be actually feasible to share information elaborately.

With OnTAP, you can automate and optimize various operational activities. It also provides the freedom to publish various types of circulations from anywhere at any time. This eradicates the constraint of performing such activities during office hours. Thus can allow staff members to communicate more elaborately. 

With OnTAP parents can get updated on the go.They need not wait until they meet the children. This would allow the parents to be well informed much ahead of time and thus they can have lot more meaningful and constructive interaction with the children. OnTAP can also enable parents to communicate with educational institute by ways of raising inquiries, requesting leaves for their kids or even request appointments to personally meet and discuss certain aspects.

Thus, OnTAP not only provides freedom but also enables to interact at will, sharing relevant information to take all necessary actions to shape the children's future.
PLUS reduce paperwork and help save the environment!

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